Measuring Guide

How to Measure for a Martingale

To measure your dog for a martingale you will need to measure the narrowest part of their neck, B (usually just behind the ears) to give you the length when closed. Because the collar does not have a buckle to undo it, you also need to measure around the dogs head, A, from above the ears to under the chin and all the way round back to the ears. This will give you maximum length you will need to get the collar over your dogs head.

When adjusted properly, the 2 metal loops should never touch when the collar is gently pulled closed, ideally about 1" apart, and should be slightly loose when 'at rest'.

How to Measure for a Harness

Standard Harness

Neck piece x 2  A – B    From just in front of the shoulder blades, down & round to the breast bone (Note: the centre of the Y sits slightly higher than you may be used to in other fleece harnesses)

Girth Strap       C-D-C   Around the girth approximately 1” behind the leg (I actually prefer slightly more than 1” to ensure no rubbing or pinching)

Front                  B-D       Between front legs from breast bone to girth strap

Top                     A-C        From the top of the neck piece (just in front of the shoulder blades) to where the girth strap sits

Belt & Braces Harness

As above plus

Tummy              E-F-E     Around the tummy just behind where the ribcage tucks (ensuring there is enough clearance for ‘boy bits’)

Back Strap        C-E      Along the backbone between girth & tummy strap

How to Measure for a Coat

For a bespoke coat, we need:

Back lengthC (base of collar to base of tail)

Girth B

Tummy D

Neck A