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Martingale collars are similar in design to half-checks but are much gentler and more comfortable for your dog.  They are especially good for sighthounds who have relatively small heads in comparison to their long necks, but they are suitable for all breeds.  When fitted correctly, the collar will sit lightly around the dogs neck when 'open' and when 'closed' the loops on each side should touch but not be too tight (ideally around 2" apart).  This prevents the dog from being able to back out of the collar but overtighten and won't choke your dog.  Please remember to check your collar regularly to ensure the adjustment hasn't moved or your dogs weight hasn't fluctuated and changed the fit.

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Although the sizings have been categorised by breed, do not rely on this.  You will need to measure your dogs neck and buy according to the measurements. See here for instructions on measuring your dogs neck. The size refers to the main part of the collar, excluding the closing loop.